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IRADETS proposes mitigation techniques or alternative solutions for space radiation studies, space radiation environment and space weather simulations, to irradiation tests according to ESCC/ESA, JEDEC, ASTM and Military Standards, and finally for critical electronic components and/or systems.

Research and development of innovative radiation detection systems for space, health, environment, homeland security, nuclear plants radiation safety and waste monitoring, seismology, geophysics/geology, high energy, nuclear and particle physics applications.

Being part of IRADETS!

Our main goal is to train the expert staff and leaders of the future with our career management system. For this purpose, it is among our important priorities that our employees at all levels, who constantly realize their goals, develop their competencies, prepare themselves for responsibilities above their current position, are willing to take responsibility, are evaluated in the most effective way, ensure their development, and progress and develop in a way that contributes to the success and productivity of the company.