About Us

IRADETS is a private spin-off company operating in two main activity fields:

The space radiation studies from space radiation environment and space weather simulations to the irradiation tests according to ESCC/ESA, JEDEC, ASTM and Military Standards and finally suggesting mitigation techniques or alternative solutions for critical electronic components and/or systems.

Research and development of innovative radiation detection systems for space, health, environment, homeland security, nuclear plants radiation safety and waste monitoring, seismology, geophysics/geology, high energy, nuclear and particle physics applications.

In these fields IRADETS is aiming to be the leader not only in Turkey but also globally thanks to its highly qualified and experienced high energy, astroparticle, nuclear physicists and electronic and mechanical engineers and its partnership with world-known research institutes and companies where the cutting-edge research and innovation are taking place.

We are representing high-tech companies MAPRAD, CAEN-Nuclear, CAEN-RFID, SITAEL, ALTA which are leaders in their corresponding fields.